JOURNEYS THROUGH FOODThe Happy Otter travels the world to
bring back the the choiciest local ingredients
that capture the esence of each country


From the sweet and sour taste of teriyaki to the health benefits of multiflora, Japan became a destination which enchanted The Happy Otter with it’s enormity of flavours and taste. In thoughtfully crafted jars, we bring to you the Taste of the Rising Sun!


From the land of dragons and erstwhile emperors, The Happy Otter learned about the efficacy of mixing unique spices and herbs with the finest of ingredients, to bring back secrets of exotic Chinese cuisine in a bottle.


Inspired from his culinary adventures through cobbled Italian streets, The Happy Otter brings back flavours of Italy in a myriad range of pesto, pasta and pizza sauces. The balance of flavours an Italian meal has is incomparable. Open up a jar and indulge away!


The French have a way with the finer things in life - be it fashion, wine or food. The Happy Otter’s travels to France and it’s culinary wonders are bottled in jars with tastes ranging from sweet to savory.


The melting pot that America is, left the Otter mesmerized. Indulge in everything from wholesome breakfast dishes to fiery barbecue dinners with the recipes brought back from the land of the free and bold.


Donning a vibrant Sombrero and sipping on his margarita, The Happy Otter strolled through Mexican streets discovering the secrets behind the tastes that make Mexican cuisine a global favorite. His Mexican memories are brought back in jars as colourful as their culture.


Indian cuisine has so much to offer, as each region has its own unique palate. The Otter has curated exotic blends through the length and breadth of the country to help you capture the essence of India on a plate.